FORTUNEPRO has released a new Version of ERP on Cloud, with a lot of advanced Features and Numerous Reports

FORTUNEPRO ERP is modular in character and lets the organizations implement only the modules according to their needs.

FORTUNEPRO ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as the name suggests is resource planning across enterprise. Resources typically include employees, vendors, suppliers, raw materials, inventory, products, finances, machinery & other fixed assets.

FORTUNEPRO ERP system hosted on a Cloud environment is termed as Cloud ERP. Cloud is infrastructure including application, database & web servers hosted by a third party service provider. For an organization, Cloud based FORTUNEPRO ERP simplifies adopting an ERP system as hardware & infrastructure is taken care by a third party expert.

FORTUNEPRO ERP system in its typical form supports all functions of an organization like sales, marketing, manufacturing, quality, production, distribution, accounting, inventory management, material management, supply chain management and human resource management.
FORTUNEPRO ERP is modular in character and lets the organizations implement only the modules according to their needs.

As availability of resources is always a constraint, FORTUNEPRO ERP system facilitates maximum utilization of available resources by bringing visibility for all functions across various departments while controlling cost, improving productivity, faster time to market and more certain & predictable outcomes. Resource planning includes forecasting, acquiring, scheduling and managing resources for growth and profitability.

The Cloud is particularly valuable to small and medium-size businesses (SMB’s) because it provides access to full function applications at a reasonable price, without substantial operating expenditure for hardware and software. Using the correct cloud provider, a company can rapidly scale as their business grows or a new company is added.

FORTUNEPRO Cloud-based ERP applications come in many flavors depends on the types of organizations. Each ERP system has slightly different set of features, depends on the nature of Business.

FORTUNEPRO Cloud ERP helps companies to work with the customers and try to understand them instead of blindly sell their product or service. The concept of creating relationships with customers is a new paradigm shift with major consequences that is beginning to dominate many industries.


Following are some of the Main Features of FORTUNEPRO CLOUD ERP.


Ease of Use:
Ease of use is a major consideration when looking at FORTUNEPRO cloud-based ERP applications.

Scalability is an essential feature of FORTUNEPRO Cloud ERP. Scalability refers to the ability of the cloud-based application to grow or contract according to the demand placed on it.

Resource pooling:
FORTUNEPRO cloud ERP enables your employees to enter and use data within the business management software hosted in the cloud at the same time, from any location, and at any time. This is an attractive feature for multiple business offices and field service or sales teams that are usually outside the office.

Broad network access:
Your team can access FORTUNEPRO Cloud ERP, using their smart phones, tablets, laptops, and office computers. They can use these devices wherever they are located with a simple online access point. This mobility is particularly attractive for businesses so that during business hours or on off-times, employees can stay on top of projects, contracts, and customers whether they are on the road or in the office. Broad network access includes private clouds that operate within a company’s firewall, public clouds, or a hybrid deployment.

Growth in security and reliability:
Cloud ERP when hosted by a secure provider elsewhere, creates a reliable system. It will have your data daily backed up, things will run as fast as possible with help of technology standards of state of the art server and switchovers as fail-safe to keep things running even when the primary server breaks down. This will give you total peace of mind.


 Financial Accounting
 Inventory Control
 Point of Sale
 Bar Coding
 HR & Payroll
 Job Orders
 Ware Housing
 Fixed Assets
 Delivery Notes
 Call Centers
 Appointment System
 Service & Maintenance
 Search Engines
 Analysis and Reports
   and many more...

 ERP Solutions
 POS Solutions
 Retail Solutions
 Whole Sale Solutions
 Shipping & Logistics Solutions

 Clinic Management Solution
 Hospital Solution
 Fleet Management Solution
 Freight Management Solution
 Automobile Solutions
 School Management Solution
 Restaurant Solution
Courier & Cargo Solutions
 Project Management  Solution
 Jewelry Business Solution
 Car Rental Solution
 Pharmacy Solution
 Cloud Solutions
 Mobile Apps
    and many more...

 Very User Friendly
 Highly Reliable
 Ready to Use Reports
 User Friendly Design
 Competitive Prices
 After Sales Services
 High Quality Solutions
Online Customer Support
 Increase Productivity
 International Customer    Support
 2 Decades of Industry    Experience
 Cloud Solutions
 Send SMS & Emails to the    Clients
 Mobile Apps for Quick    Reporting
   and many more...

 Multiple Currencies
 Multiple Warehouses
 Multiple Business Units
 Multiple Search Engines
 Data Exports & Imports
 User Defined Security Levels
 Barcode Printing & Scanning
 Wide Area Network Support
 Automatic Data Backup
 Unlimited Multi User Support
Numerous Business Reports
Online Solutions
   and many more...